Hal uses Hipchat’s XMPP gateway and so requires a user account to integrate with Hipchat. Be sure to create one before configuring the adapter. You will need the XMPP credentials, which can be found at https://my.hipchat.com/account/xmpp.


// blank import to register adapter
import _ "github.com/danryan/hal/adapter/hipchat"


Set the following environment variables according to your needs.


To use the Hipchat adapter, set HAL_ADAPTER to hipchat.


The username is the first part of your XMPP JID before the @ sign. E.g., if your JID is 134273_971874@chat.hipchat.com, then HAL_HIPCHAT_USER should be 134273_971874.

  • Default: none
  • Required: false
  • Example: HAL_HIPCHAT_USER=134273_971874


The password is the same as the Hipchat user’s password.

  • Default: none
  • Required: true
  • Example: HAL_HIPCHAT_PASSWORD=supersekretpassword


This is a comma-separated list of rooms to join. Note that Hipchat has two ways of specifying rooms: a human-readable format (ex. general); and an XMPP format (ex. 134273_general). Hal expects the former human-readable format at this time due to a limitation of the third-party Hipchat package presently used. The rooms are case sensitive as well.

Hal will not fail if no rooms are specified, though hal will also not join any rooms if this is left blank.

  • Default: none
  • Required: false
  • Example: HAL_HIPCHAT_ROOMS="general,room with spaces,random"


This is an optional setting. The default, bot, prevents the channel history from being sent and thus prevents hal from parsing possibly already handled messages. If changed from the default, bot, channel history will be sent. It is recommended that the default be left unless you need channel history.

  • Default: bot
  • Required: false
  • Example: HAL_HIPCHAT_RESOURCE=something-other-than-bot